Budgeting Tips For Backpacking Through China

As one of the largest countries in the world, china is also a great place to enjoy a great amount of traditional and cultural experiences. For most backpackers, travelling through the whole country can be a task since when you are on a budget; the limitations can be quite harsh. So it is highly recommended to put off china as one big visit to do. Here are some tips for budgeting for your travel to china.


Unless you are travelling through a professional travel agent you will have to find accommodation on your own. Usually if you try to find accommodation while you are travelling it is much cheaper. But this is only after you have actually landed on the country. So for the first few days you will need to pre-book a place so you can get used to the country first. Generally it costs about 10-30$ a night for a person and the hostels and guest motels are pretty standards in the city areas. In the more rural places you will have to rely on a local friend to get you accommodation unless you excelled on your learn Chinese lessons.

Food and drinks

Authentic Chinese food is the best when you are eating it right off from the country of origin. If you can get together with a bunch of other travelers then you can go for the general BBQ places which are a lot fun when eating with a crowd. Street food in china is abundant and amazing so you will be full without even waiting for the big meals as well. Great meals in restaurants can be afforded around 3$ a meal as well. You will need to speak a bit of the language and get some Mandarin class Singapore when going to the rural areas as English is not spoken much.

Attractions and parks

You will most likely spend most of the money on attractions and parks as the entrance fees can be a bit expensive for the major places. The most expensive is the terracotta warriors at 25$ and the Forbidden City at 13$ and great wall at $7.50. You can get all these on a tour package which can be considered a worth of the money you will have to pay. This way you can even get to know the history without having to get your own translator or guide.

Enjoy the place and make sure to do the most you can on your time there. Instead of staying in the city the whole time go and visit the rural areas for a closer look at the traditions and culture.